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Rou Gui Yan Cha 2023 First Master Roast

2023’s first Roast of Master You’s classic Rou Gui is bright, bold, and already delicious fresh off the charcoals.

Master You (You Yuqiong) is the only female inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage Wuyi Rock Tea (Dahongpao) production techniques. We visited her farm and production factory in mid April this year. We were very impressed by her bio-diversity management in her tea field, and towards end of our stay, she started harvest the first round of Rou Gui. On June. 10th, she started the first round of roasting in traditional style. and this batch is from that very first batch of this year of rabbit!

It can be enjoyed now after nearly two months settling, very round and smooth with notes of classic cinnamon bark, sandal wood and stone fruit. Beautiful aroma shows no trace of burn that often find in traditional heavy roast.  It’s the master’s roast!

Pre-order sale until 13.8.2023, will start shipping from 14.8


This tea is a classic Rou Gui Yan Cha from this year’s first roast supervised by master You Yuqiong, the only female inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage Wuyi Rock Tea (Dahongpao) production techniques.

About Rou Gui in You’s Family 

When the first 40 acres of Rou Gui cultivar sucuessfully planted in Chong’an County (now Wuyishan City) into a large-scale pilot demonstration base, it was settled in the eighth curve of the Jiuqu River, Yu Yuqiong’s father’s planting of this tea mountain.


In the early 80’s, Mr. Chen Dehua led the local tea farmers began the Wuyi Yan Cha (Cliff tea) for the first time to systematically develop the cultivation of good variety. That time to plant is the nowadays most popular Rou Gui variety, that Mr. Chen Dehua had spent decades of research and development.

In the early 80s, only in Chong’an in the Tea Institute has Rou Gui mother tree. To pass the national variety identification, it also reuired a certain scale of test planting area. But at that time, the Tea Institute’s test plot is very limited and can provide not more than three acres for Rou Gui seedlings. It was problematic to expand the planting already from the source.

At that time, You Yongsheng (Yu Yuqiong’s father) volunteeried his farm, took up the Rou Gui seedling cultivation task of this batch (only three tea seedlings can be successfully planted to a tea tree). Theregore, since Mrs. You started the seedlings in 1981, and planted the successful tea trees into their family tea gardens in 1982, over the course of 3 years, the Rou Gui had settled its root in Wuyi. You family’s tea field had also became the first area of Rou Gui Yan Cha trial and demonstration experimental base.



Inspired – This rare tea was uniquely crafted to take you on a journey. Sip back and enjoy the ride.




30g w/composable bag


Oolong, Roasted

Tea Profile

Cultivar: Rou Gui

Origin: Mrs. You Yuqiong Farm, Yanzike, Wuyi, China

Picking: 2023 Spring, Yanzike Zhengyan Area

Roasting:  10.6.2023/Traditional Roast (Heavy)

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon bark, spice, sandal wood, fruity

Brewing Method

Gōng Fū Chá Style

1:20 tea to water ratio (e.x. 7.5g tea to 150ml pot)

100 C boiling water  (If you have the access to charcoal heated water, that would be the best for Yan cha.)

1st brew: 5s

2nd brew: 6s

3rd brew: 10s

add 5-10s for the following brews

This tea can be brewed more than 7 times.


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