Tailor made Tea Experiences for groups of life friends or work teammates. Experiences built to bring people closer with others, nature and with themselves.

We believe tea as a living being has so much to offer beyond its flavour, taste and aroma. It represents a certain philosophy of being, a cultural experience, a different perspective of interacting, that can stimulate creativity and build better communication channels. But most importantly we think it’s fun!

We design workshops and team events that are tailored to each group, offering unique tea experiences to slow down, encourage self awareness, cultivate well-being and benefit team building.

Pikkujolut w/ tea & snacks

Group Celebration

Looking for an alternative  yet fulfilling and relaxing holiday celebration with friends? This personalised Tea Party featuring a variety of teas and delectable bites/food, meticulously crafted for your group’s enjoyment.

nature harmony

tea in & with nature

Explore nature’s energy and find harmony between nature and us through outdoor tea sessions. This experience is about disconnecting, unwinding, and enjoying the beauty of nature’s gifts. 

tea Cupping

tasting of selected themed teas

A tea tasting/cupping with themed teas – whether we explore the 6 major categories of tea, or we go deep into a single tea type, region, or farm, this tea cupping workshop is where you can learn about and compare the nuances between our unique teas. 

Gongfu Cha

team building through tea

The heart of Gong Fu style brewing is that tea is best shared with others. In this workshop we will teach the Basics of Gong Fu style brewing, while also overseeing guided brewings for the group. Everyone is equal at the tea table, so this workshop is built with for fostering team unity in mind. 

Tea party twist

Tea Cocktails

A fun tea cocktail/mocktail experience to celebrate with your team and an engaging gate way to learn more about Specialty tea. Tea + Cocktails is a recipe for a good time!

Classic tea tasting

You can always book a private tea tasting with us, at your workspace or at our tea tasting room in Kallio. 

Private Tea Tasting 75 mins

40 € / person

Tea Tasting Omakase in 75 minutes, including teas specially selected for you, small tea snacks and guidelines.

Minimal 2 persons per session

Extended Tea Tasting 120 mins

55 € / person

Extended Tea Tasting Omakase in 120 minutes, including teas specially selected for you, small tea snacks, guidelines and one of our alternative/innovative tea beverages – such as fresh-hand-roasted tea, tea infused drinks or edible tea.

Minimal 2 persons per session

tea experience as GIFTs?

Unwrap the joy of sensory specialty tea experience – why not gift your beloved ones a moment to breath,  to sip, to savor, and to share the relaxing moments through our designed tea tastings? 

Contact us about your wish to bring into your team

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