Nari Co-op Membership

Collective journey to the heart of tea

The Nari Co-op Membership is our way of connecting people to the teas they love with monthly curated teas, educational classes, brewing workshops, and events centered around the tea(s) of the month, as well as Co-Op exclusive rare teas.

Our vision for Nari is to bring people closer to tea, in knowledge and in life. Our philosophy when it comes to tea is to go deep rather than wide – we work with only a select few farmers and source deep into their collection as we believe it’s the best way to learn and develop our tea understanding and enjoyment. We are applying this same philosophy with our Tea(s) of the month!

As Co-op members you will have access to not only our curated tea(s) of the month, but also a Tea of the Month Workshop which will cover tea history, farmer processing, and brewing techniques. We will also have a member’s monthly IT(ea) Tech Support, where we openly invite members to bring their tea and brewing questions so we can collectively improve our tea practice. 

Tea(s) of The Month + Workshop 2023

“Sweet Dew” Premium Gan Lu

Buddha Hand Yan Cha

Premium White Leaf Sencha 2023

Alishan High Mountain Red Tea 

Bihu High Mountain Qing Xin Oolong  

Dan Gui Yan Cha

Ancient Awakening Sheng/Raw Puér Loose 2022 

Floating Feast Shu/Ripe Puér 2015

Tibetan Dark Tea

Ancient Tree White Tea 2022 

Co-op Exclusive Wholesale Rare Tea

On top of this we’re excited to announce our Co-op Collective-ordering of rare teas, where we organize group purchase opportunities with Co-op members that will allow everyone access to top tier teas without the usual western shop markup.  When sourcing teas, we have found that there are many top grade teas we would love to share with you all, but realistically they are too expensive to sell in the western market for profit, so we never end up seeing these teas sold by vendors. A big part of our mission is transparency and accessibility, so we thought why not build something together! As a Co-op member these Collective-order teas will be coming to you at wholesale price. 

Priority to reserve the seats at Nari Events

The first 50 signup members  will get our Nari tote bag for free!

Choose Your Membership Types


for Helsinki based
tea drinkers
36 Monthly
  • Free brewing cover charge at LAB
  • 30% off on the tea(s) of the month
  • 5% off on all products in our collection
  • Monthly members-only Education Meetup regarding tea(s) of the month
  • Priority access to reserve the seats at Nari events
  • Access to our collective orders for rare and masters' teas


for Online tea
38 Monthly
  • 30€ worth of tea(s) of the month deliver to your door *
  • 5% off on all products in our collection
  • Zoom or in-person monthly members-only Education Meetup regarding tea(s) of the month
  • Access to our collective orders for rare and masters' teas
  • Priority IT(ea) Tech Support
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