seasonally curated, traceable, single farm specialty tea from our friends — with full transparency from farm to cup

Each of our tea has unique characteristic, made or produced by our friends with great care and craftsmanship.  We’ve classified our teas into three types of experiences 


Old reliable, literally. A quintessential daily drinker you can depend on


Approach them with an open mind, and they will lead you to places unseen


Uniquely crafted to take you on a journey. Sip back and enjoy the ride

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naze naze x nari tea
Slow Living

Nov. 5 - Dec. 18. 2022

In releasing our 1st Chinese Yunnan tea, Nari is thrilled to house “naze naze Dulong Project” in our Kallio tea LAB - a project that is initiated by Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation since 2015 and aims to protect, develop and present the unique weaving tradition of the Yunnan Dulong ethnic group people and the textiles made by the Dulong women.

@ Nari Tea Lab, Toinen Linja 13 B31, 00530, Helsinki

Nari, in classical Japanese, literally means “To Be

Inspired by our heritage, our tea friendships, and our love for Finnish nature.

Heaven, Earth, Human in Harmony (天地人和)” is the driving philosophy of Nari For us this manifests in better being with nature, being with others, and being with oneself