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Jiayi Jinxuan Oolong

With notes of creamy oat milk, a floral aftertaste, you’ll see why this cultivar is named Milk Oolong.

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The Jin Xuan (milk oolong) cultivar is now the most grown cultivar within Taiwan. And our Farmer Chen from Jiayi, was the first to grow it on his mountain in the Ali Shan mountain range. He was a pioneer seeing the beauty of the cultivar early on, and now has decades of experience growing and developing the cultivar.

For High Mountain Jin Xuan, we prefer winter harvest as it tends to have more body and creaminess. This tea is a great introduction to the Milk Oolong cultivar, as it has a balanced creaminess and floral aftertaste without being overpowering. It’s in some ways, the “typical” Jin Xuan, which makes sense coming from the farmer who’s one of the first to grow the cultivar.

Like with other High Mountain Oolongs, if you would like more forward sweetness lower the temperature to the 85-90C range and do longer brews. If you’re looking for more movement in the mouth and body, then increase the temperature to 95-100C to taste.


Classic – Old reliable, literally. This tea is a quintessential daily drinker you can depend on. 


100g w/ compostable bag, 100g w/ reuseable tin, 50g w/ compostable bag, 50g w/ reusable tin



Tea Profile

Cultivar: Jin Xuan (#12, Milk Oolong)
Origin: Jiayi, Alishan, Taiwan
Roy Chen Farm
> 1200 meters
2020 Winter
< 20% 
Roasted Level:  
Tasting Notes:
oat milk, seaweed, floral after sweetness

Brewing Method

5g tea to 150ml water, 95 – 100C

1st brew: 30 sec
2nd brew: 20 sec
3rd+ brews: add 15-20 sec each time

It can be brewed up to 5 brews or even more.
To brew Gōng Fū Chá Style, preheat the teapot before putting tea leaves, and start with boiling water quick brew, around 15-20 seconds.*
For the continuing brews, the brewing time can be increased 5-10 seconds on each brew.**

We don’t like to throw away the first brew (often called “first wash”) because all our oolong tea are high quality and clean, we feel like a waste to throw them away.
** Each tea is alive in this own way, this is just a recommended brewing method. We encourage you to listen to the tea, listen to yourself, feel the tea and experiment with the tea.


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