Welcome to Nari Japan Fest 2024!

Nari Tea and the Fukuroi City Government have collaborated on bringing Tea Makers and Artisans from Shizuoka, Kyoto and Tokyo to Helsinki for a series of in-person workshops and experiences. Back by popular demand, our tea farmer Mr. Morishita from Fukuroi, Shizuoka and our long-time tea producer friend Uyo Okabe bring their experience, knowledge, and love for Japanese tea culture to the Nari Tea Lab. Also returning this year is Tokyo-based Wagashi (Traditional Japanese Confections) maker, instructor, and author Yukako Yasuda. 

This year we are extremely honored to be joined by Toshiyuki Matsubayashi, the  man behind the Asahiyaki Shop and Gallery. Asahiyaki is one of the most storied names in ceramics, making the best handmade teawares for 16 generations in Uji, Kyoto. We will be hosting an exhibition of Asahiyaki ceramics, including some prized pieces made by his brother the 16th Hosai or head artisan of Asahiyaki. As an extra treat, he will also be bringing many pieces that you can acquire, including Hohin pots, cups, matcha bowls, and flower vases. 

We’ve got a whole lot of special events in store for newcomers and returning Japan Fest guests alike! Alongside the brewing, wagashi, and blending workshops from last year we will also have advanced workshops, for those looking to elevate their craft. Nari Japan Fest II culminates in a very special Rinkan Tea and Sauna Ceremony (淋汗茶会) in collaboration with Kulttuurisauna and Murasaki. 

All of the tickets sales will go directly to the workshop hosts to help compensate them for their knowledge, time, efforts and travel costs from Japan.



Takahiro “Uyo” Okabe

Japanese Tea Progettista

Uyo is tea producer, tea curator, educator and founder of Japanese tea brewing championships. He is passionate on developing and spreading new possibilities and ways of enjoying Japanese tea. He started the tea ceremony at the natural tea ceremony class [Hoshimado] and is active in the “Tea of ​​the Man” group that combines art and tea.

Jun Morishita

Tea Farmer & Manufacture

Morishita-san has been making green tea with Nishitana (which was founded in 1868) and recently started the Fukuori Roasted Tea Co to reconceptualize and promote the amazing Hojicha made in the heart of Shizuoka.

Toshiyuki Matsubayashi

16th Generation of Asahiyaki

Matsubayashi-san graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Glass Art. Before returning to his home pottery Asahiyaki, he was designer at a Japanese architectural glass design company. He is also the initiator and owner of the beautiful “Asahiyaki Shop & Gallery”, located next to Uji river.

Yukako Yasuda

Founder of Momotose /Author

Yukako studied Japanese sweets under Haruko Kanezuka and Beijing cuisine under Wu Wen. Since 2014, she has been leading the Japanese confectionery class Momotose, holding classes overseas and in English, making confectionery for tea ceremonies, and expanding her activities to spread Japanese food culture.


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