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Premium White Leaf Tea 2022

This mutated gene white leaf gem is as unique as it’s processing. A full-bodied umami rich savoury sensation. 

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Part of the fun of Single-Origin Single Cultivar teas is that every harvest has their own unique attributes that make them beautiful. Add the fact that the White Leaf Tea is a new cultivar created by skilled Farmer Takaki, and it becomes all the more fun. Comparing the 2022 harvest with our 2021 harvest, you can tell they are the same tea but with very different essences highlighted. Where the 2021 had more of a mid-body sweet vegetables umami, with a cucumber sweetest lingering, the 2022 harvest is one of the most full-bodied umami Senchas we have ever had.  

With notes of egg drop soup, asparagus, mushrooms and hits of black pepper, this tea is a savory wonderland – which makes sense given how Takaki is famed for his Gyokuro teas. Even then it’s hard to believe this is a sencha. Like last year’s harvest, this is still one of the few senchas we have had that can be brewed all the way up to 100C, which allows to enjoy this tea well into 5/6 brews, the latter of which still has the cucumber sweetness found in the 2021 harvest. 


White tea, Hakuyoucha (白葉茶, white leaf tea), it’s an uncommon green tea made with leaves that have a color ranging from very pale green to yellow to even white.

Hakusei is an original white leaf tea that was a result of careful breeding from naturally mutated seedlings hat turned the colour of the leaves into a very pale shade of green.The name “white leaf” refers to the pale colour of the leaves prior to harvest. It is not white tea as we often see in China (which is more of a production method), but rather a very special type of sencha.

Mr.Takaki started planting the seedlings 5 years ago, but even now it is still rare as the production amount is still very low in Japan. We are so lucky and excited to share this tea with you all. 

The combination of this special cultivar and the shading before harvest lead to high amounts of L-theanine, which is one of the many amino acids found in tea, and it is the substance responsible for a sense of relaxation when drinking green tea. This tea is also rich in arginine – another essential amino acid which helps with immune system and blood pressure regulation.   

This tea is extra special to us in that it is one of the few Japanese teas we have tried that can handle Gong Fu style brewing. The structure of the tea does not break under the 100C water, and the quick brews helps spread the umami across multiple steeps while also highlighting the floral notes. We have been able to brew this tea around 9 times Gong Fu Style. 

When drinking this White leaf tea,  not only do you feel its invigorating and uplifting energy, but this tea also settles you with vegetal umami and green melon sweetness that’s reminiscent of the sweet coastal air at the seaside farm.


Inspired – This rare tea was uniquely crafted to take you on a journey. Sip back and enjoy the ride.




40g w/ compostable bag, 40g w/ reusable tin, 80g w/ compostable bag, 80g w/ reusable tin


Green, Sencha, White Leaf

Tea Profile

Cultivar: Hakusei
Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan
Farmer: Mr. Takaki
Picking: 2022 Spring 1st Flush
Processing: tea fields are shaded and 100% of sunlight is blocked a couple weeks before harvesting.
Tasting Notes: egg drop soup, asparagus, black pepper, cucumber 
Chá Qì: invigorating and uplifting energy

Production Method
Cuttings of mutated plants are then replanted into small fields of tea, after which, at least 3 years are necessary for a field to be ready for harvest.
The tea fields are shaded and 100% of sunlight is blocked for a few weeks before harvest in May.

This tea is rich in amino acids, twice as much as a sencha from the Yabukita cultivar. The catechin content is often lower.

Brewing Method

6-7g tea to 150ml water

1st brew: 65C, 70 sec

2nd brew: 70C, 30 sec

3rd brew: 75C, 30 sec


* We recommend to preheat the teapot by rinsing it with heated water before you put the tea in.

** And another charm of this tea is that, it can be brewed as Gōng Fū Chá style – with 100C boiling water after 4th or 5th brew, and there is no astringency.

*** After the last brew with boiling water, you can eat the tea leaves by adding ponzu soy sauce. 🙂


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