Tasting & Evaluation Series

Nari Tea LAB in Helsinki is 1-year old!

This year May Day (Vappu) was Nari Tea LAB’s 1-year anniversary. We are stepping into the second year of this small yet cozy space! It’s been an incredibly eventful and fruitful first year. 

We always joke between ourselves and among friends that 24h is not enough for us and the LAB has been our extended “living room” where we spent most time at. In this past year, we grow from a tiny hidden tasting room with only one single table to the current bigger space – well, the tasting room is still the same single tea table, but we now have a real living room in LAB that allows more workshop, ceremony, lounging and hanging out. So many talented people with beautiful souls have come to our life through this space, through tea! 

Words cannot express our gratitudes enough. We want to celebrate with you all and continue sharing the spirit of tea! Since we are just back from China Tea trip, we decide to extend the celebration and throw several events and tastings over the WHOLE MONTH of May (because we have brought many goodies including some incredible master teas back)! 

Through these events we will share tea knowledge we have learned from tea masters on the mountain, standard tea professional evaluation methods, and also rare teas from our private collection not found in the western market.

Each session limits to 4-6 seats to ensure the best experience. In celebration of our LAB’s 1-year anniversary month, we will have special price on these tastings.


11.5 Thur, 16-18 | Shu Pu’er 普洱熟茶 

With some of our newly sourced Post-Fermented Shu Pu’er, we will learn what to look for when tasting Shu Pu’er,  and also compare how aging and mountain impacts the taste.

12.5  Fri 16-18 | Sheng Pu’er 普洱生茶 

We will walk you through the key elements of Sheng Pu’er, and help you build the tasting framework based on the raw materials (from young tree, old 200+ year trees and single 500+ year old trees).

18.5 Thur 14 – 16|Wuyi Yan Cha 01 – Yan Yun  武夷岩茶——岩韵  

Through some precious and representative teas we brought back from Wuyi, we will experience and learn about the “Yan Yun”(rock rhythm) –  a very unique tasting experience that only belongs to a good authentic Yan Chan (Rock/Cliff Oolong). 

21.5 Sun 14-16 | Wuyi Yan Cha 02 – Cultivars 武夷岩茶——品种 

With the tasting foundation we built from the first session, this one we will examine different cultivars (including modern tea-master created cultivars) and learn about their characteristics.

25.5 Thur 17-19 | Red Tea 红茶 

This is the tasting workshop where we will showcase red teas from four major tea regions – Yunnan (China), Fujian (China), Alishan (Taiwan) and Shizuoka (Japan), and learn about each’s characteristics. 

26.5 Fri 16-18 |Tibetan Dark Tea 藏(黑)茶 

As the dark tea with the longest history and most labour, Tibetan dark tea’s unique (never bitter) taste, soothing body sensation and ability for aging has showed a lot potential in the world of dark tea. In this tasting, you will build the basic understanding of quality Tibetan dark tea and learn about the various extraction methods and profiles. 

28.5 Sun  17-19 | Communitea!! 

COMMUNITEA is our donation based monthly meet up where we bring together you, the tea community, to share the tea you’re most excited about with like-minded tea lovers.   

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