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”Eternal Balance” Handmade Wood Incense Holder

Incense can soothe the nerves, relax and meditate.  Like tea, we use incense to bring us to balance, so when we first found this holder, we were in love, as the elegant essence of incense manifests in its functional design. 

The “Eternal Balance” incense holder is handmade out of Black Walnut wood in Dali, Yunnan, by Live&Salt Studio.

This incense holder is designed through the ingenious suspension of copper rods, using the natural weight and rigidity of the incense to hold it in place.  The placement angle of incense sticks can be adjusted by fine-tuning the position of the copper rod. The finely ground arc on the straight groove makes cleaning easier. The combination of brass and solid wood is unique, neat and powerful.




Handmade in Yunnan, Dali by Live & Salt Studio.

Material: Brass & Walnut Wood

Dimensions: L 22.8 cm, W 2.8 cm, H 1.5 cm

Suitable for Incense  ∅ <3 mm, L < 22 cm (if L >22 cm, requires manual adjustment)


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