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Bihu High Mountain Si Ji Chun Oolong

Quintessential example of the buttery creaminess of Taiwanese High Mountain Oolongs

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Farmer Chen for many years participated in the tea competitions and after winning many competitions, he graduated to becoming a final judge of the competition itself. While Qing Xin (Green Heart | 青心) and Jin Xuan (Milk Oolong) are the prevailing cultivar in High Mountain tea competitions, similar to Gesha is to coffee competitions, Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons Spring) has become one of our personal favorites because of its more up front nature. Due to its resilience, it’s able to be grown in many conditions and seasons (hence the name). Combine that with a natural fruit forward aroma, this cultivar can be crafted into gems by the right hands.

Si Ji Chun cultivar grown by Farmer Chen tend to have a creaminess that’s so desired in High Mountain Oolongs. What makes the Spring harvest different than our Winter harvest (sold out) is that the some of that creamy body is replaced with the notes of vanilla and peach. This Spring harvest is more balanced, with a light creamy base leaving way for the higher notes to shine.

Like with other High Mountain Oolongs, if you would like more forward sweetness lower the temperature to the 85-90C range and do longer brews. If you’re looking for more movement in the mouth and body, then increase the temperature to 95-100C to taste.


Curious – Approach this tea with an open mind, and it will lead you to places unseen.




100g w/ compostable bag, 100g w/ reuseable tin, 50g w/ compostable bag, 50g w/ reusable tin



Tea Profile

Cultivar: Si Ji Chun

Origin: Yang/Chen Farm, Alishan-Bihu, Taiwan

Picking: 2021 Spring, >1250m altitudes

Processing: 15% Oxidation, No Roast

Tasting Notes: sweet creamy, vegetal, vanilla raspberry after sweetness

Brewing Method

5g tea to 150ml water, 95 – 100C
1st brew: 30 sec
2nd brew: 20 sec
3rd+ brews: add 20 sec each time

It can be brewed up to 5 or even more brews.
To brew Gōng Fū Chá Style, preheat the teapot before putting tea leaves, and start with boiling water quick brew, around 15-20 seconds.*
For the continuing brews, the brewing time can be increased 5-10 seconds on each brew.**

We don’t like to throw away the first brew (often called “first wash”) because all our oolong tea are high quality and clean, we feel like a waste to throw them away.
** Each tea is alive in this own way, this is just a recommended brewing method. We encourage you to listen to the tea, listen to yourself, feel the tea and experiment with the tea.

(If you discover an exciting method, please let us know, we are always happy to hear and learn from each other! )


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