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House High Mountain Red Tea

Despite notes of jackfruit and Indian spices, this high mountain red tea is nothing like the Indian Black teas

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Curious – Approach this tea with an open mind, and it will lead you to places unseen.




40g w/ compostable bag, 40g w/ reusable tin, 80g w/ compostable bag, 80g w/ reusable tin



Tea Profile

CULTIVAR: Jin Xuan (Milk Oolong #12)

ORIGIN: Roy Farm, Alishan – Jiayi, Taiwan

PICKING: 2021 Winter, >1200m altitude

PROCESSING: < 20% Oxidation,Light Roast

TASTING NOTES: indian spices, jackfruit, ripe banana

Brewing Method

Gōng Fū Chá Style

5-6g tea to 150ml water,

1st brew: 95C, 15 sec

2nd brew: 95C, 20-30 sec

3rd+ brews: 95-100C, add 10-15 sec each time

It can be brewed up to 5-7 brews.
To brew Gōng Fū Chá Style with red oolong, preheat the teapot before putting tea leaves, and then start with the first quick brew, around 15-20 seconds.*

For the continuing brews, we recommend to play with the brewing time with the temperature. For your reference, the brewing time can be increased 5-10 seconds on each brew.**

In general, red oolong tastes better when the water temperature is lower, with hot water, the shorter brew the sweeter. Cold brew brings out its excellence.

* We don’t like to throw away the first brew (often called “first wash”) because all our oolong tea are high quality and clean, we feel like a waste to throw them away.
** Each tea is alive in this own way, this is just a recommended brewing method. We encourage you to listen to the tea, listen to yourself, feel the tea and experiment with the tea.

(If you discover an exciting method, please let us know, we are always happy to hear and learn from each other! 😊)


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