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Okuyutaka Sencha

“Okuyutaka” literally means “Deep Richness” – it wakes up your nose with its freshly baked cookie and roasted rice scent, whispering the tale of naturally tailored tea gardens from a beautiful mountain valley

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This delicious single cultivar sencha is made from Okuyutaka – a cultivar that is high in amino acids with a low astringency. Okuyutaka means “Deep Richness”. It has rich aromas and great umami sweetness. It wakes up your nose with its freshly baked cookie and roasted rice scent.

Hoshino village is known for its “stacked” rice-field structures, where stones are placed to create multiple layers of harvestable fields along the mountains’ natural incline. Similar to parts of Taiwan, the rainy misty weather and large temperature difference between morning and evening causes the teas to produce more amino acids and catechins as a way of protecting itself from these conditions, which in turn produces more intense and complex aromas.

Okuyutaka Sencha is one of our favorites among our inaugural lineups. Not only because its waking aroma smells like freshly packed oat cookies, seaweed and cheese puffs, but also its long-lasting rich and deep taste offers us different flavor experiences at different temperatures – when it cools down, notes of white chocolate and sweet cucumber remain. Its thick broth brings nice salavation in the mouth and the after sweetness lingers in the throat, traveling to the sides of the jaw.

In addition to its rich taste and deep mouth feeling, this sencha has unique calming energy that gradually becomes uplifting energy. It’s absolutely a great sencha for getting second wind either at work or in the outdoors.


Classic – Old reliable, literally. This tea is a quintessential daily drinker you can depend on. 


Green, Sencha

Tea Profile

Cultivar: Okuyutaka
Origin: Yame Mr. Takaki Farm, Fukuoka, Japan
Picking: 2022 Spring 1st Flush
Processing: Light Steaming
Tasting Notes: Freshly baked oat cookies, seaweed, cheese puff, roasted corn chips,
Chá Qì: Calming yet uplifting energy, tingling on shoulders and arms, calming and relaxing; gradually transferring into uplifting energy.

Production Method
Tea leaves are picked with a riding plucking machine. The tea garden has been carefully cultivated in the shade from 10 days before they were picked. The tea leaves are shaded by 85% Synthetic fiber Shading Net Shelf coating and are made into a mellow and fragrant tea by skilful techniques, and it has a genuine old-fashioned taste that cannot be tasted anywhere else.

Brewing Method

6g tea to 150ml

1st brew: 70C, 60 sec

2nd brew: 75C, 20 sec

3rd brew: 80C, 20 sec


* We recommend to preheat the teapot by rinsing it with heated water before you put the tea in.


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