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Easy-To-Use Smart “Piao Yi” Teapot

This is a smart easy brew tea pot that allows you brew tea in Gong Fu style in the easiest way.

In Taiwan and China, we call this tea pot “Piao Yi” (飘逸) teapot. The phrase “Piao Yi” is an adjective that often describes the attribute of free and elegant, flowy and natural. “Piao Yi” teapot takes on this literal aspect of the phrase, designed in such a way that is almost like a glass Gong Fu tea mug that comes with a removable filter and a smart filtering button on top.

The beauty of this Taiwanese invention is the convenience of brewing Gong Fu tea at almost any occasion. Just simply press the button after putting your tea and hot water in the brewing cup!


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Food grade glass, PC plastic*, stainless steel
* Germany made Bayer food grade PC plastic, can hold -30℃/+137℃ water.

Brewing cup (PC): 230ml
Glass cup (glass): 370ml

How to use?
Simple press the button on the brewing cup.
This smart teapot is best at brewing Taiwanese Oolong, but we have also used it to brew green tea, just make sure the right water temperature. 🙂


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