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Buddha Hand “Snow Pear” Yan Cha

Combining the snow pear fruitiness of the cultivar with a cookie charcoal roast, this Yancha is a treat.


This tea is our Tea of August 2023, we focus on this tea and the brewing technique among our Nari Co-op Members.





Inspired – This rare tea was uniquely crafted to take you on a journey. Sip back and enjoy the ride.




30g w/composable bag


Oolong, Roasted

Tea Profile

Cultivar: Buddha Hand (Fo Shou)

Origin: Chen Wenzhu Farm, Wuyi, China

Picking: 2022 Spring

Roasting:  Medium Charcoal Roast

Tasting Notes: Toasted corn, snow pear, pineapple, frankincense

Brewing Method

Gōng Fū Chá Style

1:20 tea to water ratio (e.x. 7.5g tea to 150ml pot)

100 C boiling water  (If you have the access to charcoal heated water, that would be the best for Yan cha.)

1st brew: 3s

2nd brew: 5s

3rd brew: 10s

add 5-10s for the following brews

This tea can be brewed more than 7 times.


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