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Tea Infused Incense – White/Red/Green Tea Scent

A subtle tea fragrance enriches your daily ritual.

The package itself already comes with a ceramic incense holder. There are 80 incenses in each package and each incense can last around 35 minutes.


Nari Living: Scents

Tea and Incense are inseprable in Chinese and Japanese culture. Ever since opening Nari, we’ve been looking forward to expanding into the world of incense. So we’re incredibly excited to launch our first line for Nari Living: Scents

While tea and incense go together, it’s rare to find the fusion of the two. We sourced this Green Tea Incense is made of green tea from the Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province in China. After soaking in mountain water for 30 days, the tea is extracted as the essence liquid. The green tea leaves are grounded into powder. Eventually the incense maker carefully crafts the tea powder and tea extract with agarwood, sandalwood, cypress and a small amount of plant sticky powder to fix the shape.

The Way of Incense (香道) and The Way of Tea (茶道) were regarded as a part of daily life in ancient Chinese times. As early as 800 years ago, people in Song Dynasty invented the incense appreciation method of “burning incense across fire”. After dressing up in the early morning, women would burn incense in the boudoir and add “incense stamps” to the incense burner. This little ritual habit is to realize the essence of time and the beauty within our life through the fragrance. And this we called it “The Way of Incense (香道)”. Similarly, this mentality or philosophy is also manifested in  “The Way of Tea ()”.

The essence of both “The Way of Incense and “The Way of Tea” lies in serenity, tranquility and the understanding and practice of the present. A good quality incense with comforting fragrance can help us let go, relax our body and make room for peace.

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