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Otava Set

This OTAVA set includes 7 unique single origin teas and a Bamboo tea tray.

Inspired by the 7 stars of the Big Dipper, we carefully curated 7 unique single origin teas from all three of our tea collections (classic, curious and inspired) for you to sip and explore every day of the week – from getting you through a busy Monday to helping you take in a relaxing Sunday.


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Heaven, Earth, Human in Harmony (天地人和)” is the driving philosophy of Nari. For us this manifests in better being with nature, being with others, and being with ourselves.

The  Otava Tea Tray from our Tian() series, is our way of bringing the beauty above to our humble tea sessions below. And with our curated selection of teas, we wish you many inspiring tea journeys to the stars.  

Besides 7 unique teas, The Otava (北斗星) Set includes a bamboo tea tray designed with the Big Dipper shaped drain. In Finnish, Otava means the Big Dipper, and in Chinese it’s called 北斗星.

Commonly used in China, tea trays serve similar functions as tea boats but the larger surface allows for performing modern Gong Fu tea brewing directly on the tray. There are two types of tea tray – dry and wet ( 干泡台 & 湿泡台). The wet one comes with a draining system where brewers can pour waste water directly on the tray; while the dry one do not (similar to tea boats), but it keeps the clean and dry aesthetic on the tea table. Our Otava (北斗星) Tea Tray is a minimal version of the wet tea tray but can also be used as a dry tea tray.


*Limited editions of 10


This OTAVA set includes 7 unique single origin teas:

01 Fukamnushi Kabuse Asuka

02 Kanayamidori Sencha

03 Taiwanese Jasmine Scented Green Tea

04 Four Seasons Spring Oolong

05 Cuiyu/Jade Oolong 

06 Dong Ding (Roasted) Oolong

07 Alishan High Mountain Red Tea



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