January 28.2023 | 17-20

at Kaffa Roastery

Calling all Latte Artists!

Nari Japan Fest and Helsinki Coffee Week are collaborating on Latte Art Competition with a twist – instead of using coffee espresso, the base will be a Roasted Tea espresso from the heart of Shizuoka. The Roasted Tea Latte Art Competition is the culmination of the Nari Japan Fest, where Tea makers and artisans from Tokyo and Shizuoka are coming to Helsinki for a series of craft workshops. We’re lucky to have the Hojicha Tea farmer Jun Morishita and Tea Producer Uyo Okabe in person for the competition.

Alongside the tea, they are also bringing some amazing Japan exclusive prizes to add to your collection – including  TOKINE 刻音 Tea Dripping Set, as well as Hario JP pour over tea brewing equipment LARGO 35  geared towards coffee professionals. There will also be other special prizes brought to us by Farmer Jun and the city of Fukuroi, Shizuoka that we want to keep a surprise!



Registration opens on our website


Pickup the tea samples from Nari Tea LAB (optional)

28.1 Competition Day


Roasted Tea Tasting for participants w/ Farmer Jun


Latte Art Competition Starts


Winner Announcement




Max 12 competitors - Single elimination bracket-style latte art throwdown with Three Judges

First two rounds will be head-2-head “free-pour” elimination rounds

(No etching or surface decoration is allowed)

Final round will be designer latte art where etching and saucing is allowed.

If there are 12 competitors, the final round will have 3 competitors. If there is a split vote from the 3 judges then the tie-breaker will be the crowd vote.

Competitors will steam milk only *

Roasted tea espresso will be made by one of the coordinators. * Oatly Oat Milk

Each round competitors will have 3 minutes


1st Prize


Innovative, Design-award winning Pour over Tea Dripper. Plastic and metal-free, Tokine elegantly uses the tea itself as the filter

2nd Prize

Hario LARGO 35

Japan Exclusive Hario Switch tea brewer, which is the perfect size to brew all types of tea from around the world

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