Ancient Flames, Modern Marvels: Asahiyaki Pottery Exhibition | Opening Party

26. 1. 2024 Fri | 17:30 - 20:30

For Nari Japan Fest this year, we’re honored to have the head of Asahiyaki Shop and Gallery, Toshiyuki Matsubayashi coming to exhibit Asahiyaki teawares and vases at the Nari Tea Lab.

Asahiyaki is one of the most storied names in Japanese ceramics, making the best handmade teawares for 16 generations in Uji, Kyoto. Asahiyaki started over 400 years ago during the Edo period, and to this day they continue to produce handmade wonders using both traditional and modern designs that stand the test of time.

To commemorate this special Asahiyaki Pottery exhibition: Ancient Flames, Modern Marvels, which includes prized pieces made by Toshiyuki’s brother –  Mastubayashi Hosai, the 16th Hosai (head artisan of Asahiyaki), we will be hosting an Opening party starting with an onsite flower arrangement from the floral artisans at Mu Filosofia, concluding with a dialogue between Helsinki-based designers Salla Luhtasela & Wesley Walters from Studio Kaksiko and Toshiyuki Maysubayashi. We are excited to host this insightful sharing session that bridges the rich history of Asahiyaki Pottery with the innovative design perspectives of Studio Kaksikko. This open dialogue aims to celebrate the legacy of Asahiyaki and explore how traditional craftsmanship can intersect with contemporary design, creating a unique fusion that resonates across cultures.

Nari Tea Aged Pet-Nat Kombucha will be served on the house as you have a chance to see these beautiful ceramics up close and personal in this private opening. To top it off Patrick and Jun Morishita will be spinning curated music inspired by the modern timelessness of Asahi-wares as we groove through the night.



Doors open, Nari Pet-Nat Kombucha served


Flower Arrangement by Mu Filosofia


Introduction by Matsubayashi-San from Asahiyaki Pottery


Crafting Continuity: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue Between Asahiyaki Pottery & Studio Kaksikko


Music & Exhibition Viewing

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