Nari Pét-Nat Kombucha

This ain’t your supermarket overly sweetened soda kombucha, nor is it your home brew vinegar kombucha.

This is Nari Tea Pét-Nat Kombucha – micro-batch, glass brewed in Helsinki and made with our Single-origin small production tea. We can throw all the buzzwords – it’s raw unfiltered, vegan, gluten free, no added sugar or flavoring, pro-biotic. But none of that matters if it doesn’t taste good.

Unlike the other guys who filter out the yeast and add in Carbon Dioxide, our Kombucha is a true Pét-Nat. We age in bottle for the second fermentation for at least 1 month to build natural carbonation, rich body and complex character.

The magic behind our Pet-Nat Kombucha is two-fold: using just our quality tea + our bottle ageing process.

Quality tea is not only packed with Polyphenols - which are great for your body, as well as food for the Bacteria Culture - but also provides a richer baseline palate for the fermentation to transform into new flavors. Another signifying characteristic of great tea is the body and sweetness that remains in the mouth long after the initial sip. We carefully select our teas and brew our Kombucha with preserving and accentuating this length in mind.

To make the best product possible we don't take any shortcuts like other Kombucha makers: such as filtering out the yeast and force carbonating, or adding sugars/fake sugars and fruit flavors to cover using cheap tea or overfermentation. We believe the best things come with time - so we age all of our Kombuchas in the bottle to build natural carbonation and develop complex flavours and mouthfeel. Since we use just use quality tea and don't add any additional sugars or flavours, we're able to age the Kombuchas to completion in the bottle in the style of Pétillant Naturel (Pét-Nat).

You can find all of our Pét Nat Kombuchas at the Nari Tea LAB 

OR at one of Our PÉt Nat Partners:

If you‘d like to also carry our Kombucha

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