Gong Fu Cha Starter Tea Pot

Whenever our friends start getting into tea, the first question they inevitably ask is “which teapot should I get?” This is a difficult question to answer, as of course certain teas benefit from certain pot shape, material, and sizes.   While we operate under a “the best teapot is the one you have with you” mentality, we still searched far and wide for the perfect starter teapot, one that can immediately brew a delicious pot of tea from anywhere in the world.

Its been a tall task, but we’re super excited to share with you our new starter tea pot! This porcelain tea pot is perfect for those looking to enter the world of specialty tea, or just looking for a unique multi-use teapot. Not only is it the perfect size and material for Gōng Fū Chá (high tea to water ratio) but it can also be used for Japanese teas, from light to deep steamed teas due to the included strainer.

This wonderful pot combines the form and filter of a Japanese Hohin with the clarity of a porcelain Gaiwan, topped off with a removable metal mesh strainer often found in Japanese Kyusus teapots dedicated for deep steamed teas (which breakdown into small particulates when brewed). The lightweight porcelain material, is easy to pour and able to brew all types of tea without worry of flavors carrying over between teas. At 150ml, it’s perfect for brewing Japanese tea for 1-3 people and for sharing with even more people with Gōng Fū style.

Whether brewing for yourself or for others, Japanese or Taiwanese, this teapot has got you covered.

Material: porcelain

Length:        12 cm
Width:          9.5 cm
Height:         7.7 cm
Capacity:     150 ml


25 €