Color Lab September

3.9 - 2.10

Nari Tea
Studio Kuusminaa

@ Nari Tea Lab - Toinen Linja 13 B31

Art Clubs +

Anastasija Kuzmina from Studio Kuusminaa will be taking over Nari Tea Lab turning it into her Color Lab.

Weekly Color & Tea pairing Teashop Gallery Space

Throughout this month, we will not only still be selling our Single Origin Teas, but also hosting different events pairing Anastasija's knowledge and skills as a Colorist, with a tea experience as unique as the artist herself.
The Color of your tea tells a story - the hue, the vibrancy, the clarity can tell you about the age, quality, production method and extraction of your tea. With Anastasija you will not only explore colors within the tea, but also the colors and arts that the tea inspires.

Together we have designed two programs that would allow both walk-in and pre-booked visitors to experience our concept of "Art Clubs + Weekly color & tea pairing" :

1. Art Club - Daily
(walk-in, tea & color pairing, during LAB opening hours)

2. Color clubs - Weekly
(pre-booked, guided tea meditation & color sketch, every Friday morning 10-12)

1. Walk-in Art Club - Daily

Each week there will be one Tea of the Week, (e.x. Week 1 is House Red). Based on the color of the tea, Kuusminna will do a color pairing, mapping and onsite simple sketches with tea drinkers. Customers will have a choice of ordering a Gong Fu Pot with the weekly featured tea combined together with color pairing and a short color doodling experience inspired by the tea (different art mediums are introduced weekly as well)

2. Pre-booked Color Clubs - Weekly

Every Friday morning 10-12, with private booking, Anastasija will be host an extended color sketch club event that combines guided tea meditation with weekly featured tea and guided color sketch/drawing session by her. In this small group event, Anastasija will open the session with brewing the weekly tea for you and guide you through her sensory ”tea meditation”. Then with the inspiration generated from the tea session, you will learn and experience color mapping, sketching techniques in depth with her and experiment in making your own artwork.

* max. 4 persons. To reserve a spot, please send an email to or DM @nari_tea or @kuusminaa on instagram​