Tired of tinder? Try tea!

28.5.2022, Saturday, 16-19
Kaffa Roastery
(Pursimiehenkatu 29, 00150 Helsinki)

Singles Origin Night is a specialty tea workshop and tea cocktail mixer
with a twist - you and a close friend will be sharing the experience with a group of other curious singles.

How To: Singles Origin Night ︎

What is included in this event?
  • 1.5 h Tea Brewing Workshop in (Slow)Speed Dating format
  • 1 Single-Origin Tea Infused Cocktail/Mocktail from our Drink Menu
  • Plenty of fun and social time to meet others

Tea Brewing Workshop & Speed Dating
You will learn about and how to brew 5+ single farm specialty teas of unique origin and processing styles all in a (slow) speed dating setup.  It will be a mixture of a guided tea workshop and a group discovery/brewing experience. For each tea, you’ll be brewing with a new group, giving you an opportunity to meet everyone as well as to learn their tastes 😉.

From savory sweet Japanese Greens, to delicate Taiwanese High Mountain Oolongs, and even a dash of funkier fermented Chinese Pu’ers, the teas will be as unique and beautiful as the people you’re brewing them with.                        

Tea Cocktail/Mocktail Mixer
After meeting every tea and person, we will regroup for a mixer with our Signature Tea Infused Cocktails/Mocktails, wine from Kaffa, and music to dance the night away.

Still interested? As a twist -
for this to work, everyone attending must come with a single friend of the opposite gender*
If you don’t have a friend in mind DM us via IG or send us an email as we have a waiting list of single-singles we can pair up!

*LG+ friends, we haven't forgotten about you (single BTQ+ friends please come!). We would LOVE to host a singles night for ya'll, please please message us if you're interested and when we get the numbers, we'll get right to organizing.
** Drink Menu is subject to change.