Single Origin Night 
Nari x Kaffa 

11.6.2022, Saturday, 16-19
Kaffa Roastery
(Pursimiehenkatu 29, 00150 Helsinki)

Single Origin Night is a Specialty Tea Workshop and Tea Cocktail/Mocktail Mixer with a Nari twist -

You’ll be tasting 5 unique single farm teas in a guided, rotating group brewing experience. The palate journey continues with our signature Tea-Infused Cocktails/Mocktails, which combined with great tea, music, and people, will be an event you won’t want to miss.


Limited seats, please reserve your place in advance!

What is included in this event?
  • 1.5 h Tea Brewing Workshop in Rotating Group format 
  • 1 Single-Origin Tea Infused Cocktail/Mocktail from our Drink Menu
  • Plenty of fun and social time to meet others

Tea Brewing Workshop
You will learn about and how to brew 5+ single farm specialty teas of unique origin and processing styles in a fusion guided tea workshop and group discovery/brewing experience. For each round we will not only switch teas, but also groups, so we can discover new teas together.

From savory sweet Japanese Greens, to delicate Taiwanese High Mountain Oolongs, and even a dash of funkier fermented Chinese Pu’ers, the teas will be as unique and beautiful as the people you’re brewing them with. To commemorate this event, we will also be bringing some exciting rare teas previously reserved for private tastings.   
Tea Cocktail/Mocktail Mixer
After meeting every tea and person, we will regroup for a mixer with our Signature Tea Infused Cocktails/Mocktails, wine from Kaffa, and music to dance the night away.


* Drink Menu is subject to change.

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