Ruyao Porcelain Travel Tea Set 

Ruyao (Ru Kiln 汝窑) is one of the five famous kilns in Song Dynasty. It was named such because the site of the kiln was located in Ruzhou 汝州, Henan in Song Dynasty.  Ru kiln is one of the famous porcelain types in traditional Chinese porcelain making, and it was the main representative of the royal porcelain in the Northern Song Dynasty.

This Ruyao set is made of raw kaolin, following the traditional craft recipes and methods, glazed with particular agate.  The ruyao painting dipects the Persimmon (柿子, Shì Zi), which in Chinese culture symbolizes everything goes well (事事如意, Shì Shì Rú Yì).

There is one very special attribute of Ruyao, called "Opening Crack"(开片, Kāi Piàn): it means the opening cracks on the glaze (known as crazing).  Naturally, with the use of brewing tea, the glaze layer on the surface of the porcelain gradually cracks inward over the years, forming a special and often very beautiful patten.

Therefore, it is fun to nourish the teaware. The glaze cracks will become more like golden silk after long-term moisturizing by good teas. And each Ruyao teaware will look differently.

This travel set comes with one Gaiwan and two tea cups - a small one and a tall one. The design of Gaiwan takes the shape of hawk‘s beak, which allows a smoother pouring and makes the water cut off more neatly. Another handy part of this travel Gaiwan is that the lid already comes with filter holes, effectively separate the tea leaves and residues while pouring.

The bottom of both Gaiwan and tea cups are made of old rock mud, and hand-polished by masterful potter, creating an angled yet delicate and smooth edge that is easy to hold and steady to stand on any surface. 

We love the shape of this Ruyao tea set and the Persimmon painting on it. Somehow it brings in the warmth for autumn. And we can nourish it and wait to see its beautiful and unique pattens. 

Material: Ruyao (Ru Kiln 汝窑) Porcelain

Dimensions / cm
Gaiwan Pot
Diameter 10.5 cm
Height 7.4 cm
Capacity 150 ml

Small tea cup
Diameter 8 cm
Height 4.7 cm
Capacity 70 ml

Tall tea cup
Diameter 7 cm
Height 5.2 cm
Capacity 75 ml


55 € / set
(incl. a travel teaware bag made from cotton and linen; and a cotton towel)

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Tips on nourishing the opening crack

The opening color of cracks is the color shown after the long-term penetration of tea. If the tea liquor color is light, the crack color will also be light; while if the tea liquor color is dark, the crack color will also be dark.
→ Using a single type of tea: in general, green tea brings the lightest crack lines, light gold color, and takes the longest time to develop the crack pattens;

→ Using a variety of teas for the same tea pot or cup: in addition to keep the teaware clean, we suggest to alternate the tea in between light and dark teas. E.x, if this time the teaware is used for the tea with dark liquor, the next time it is best to change to the tea with lighter liquor, so on and so forth. This way the l color of crack lines can be more even and balanced.