Kanayamidori Sencha

A refreshing sencha from Fukuoka with a deep green scent, reminds you of a camping morning with warm oat porridge in a dense forest of conifers

Tea Profile

Cultivar: Kanayamidori
Yame, Fukuoka, Japan
Farmer: Mr. Takaki
Picking: 2021 Spring 1st Flush
Processing: Light Steaming 
Tasting Notes: oat porridge, creamy with a hint of umami, aftertaste of liquid smoke, sweet flower, good astringent, young spruce; thick broth, remaining sweetness coats the tongue. 
Chá Qì: relaxing gliding energy, in body feels like expanding clouds when jet plane flying across the sky.

Production Method

In the tea-making process, the product, tea leaves is manufactured so that it retains its shape to some extent while producing umami and sweetness.

Kanayamidori is a specie/variety that is often made around Fukuoka.  It is cultivated in the open field without covering it because it has a characteristic scent.

Kanayamidori can be harvested 4 days later than Yabukita. While its leaves are slightly smaller than those of Yabukita, the yield at harvest is greater.

Recommended Brewing*

🌱    5 g
💦    120 ml
🎚    70 ℃
⏱    60 sec

It can be brewed up to 2-3 brews.
For 2nd and 3rd brew, water temperature can raise up 5℃ for each brew, and tea will be served in 20 seconds.

* We recommend to preheat the teapot by rinsing it with heated water before you put the tea in.

€ 13 (50g) | € 21 (100g)


Kanayamidori is bred from the well-known Yabukita cultivar a Shizuoka Zairai. While similar to it's Yabukita roots, Kanayamidori as a cultivar has distinctively milky and grassy character. Depending on how you make the tea, these unique tastes manifest in a different ways.

The lightly steamed tea leaves have a beautiful dark green color.This tea was made at the remote mountain valley "Hoshino"(means “star field”) by Mr. Takaki. Due to the lower temperatures in Hoshino mountain valley, the harvest begins about a month later than in lower and flatter cultivation areas such as Shizuoka. Similar to parts of Taiwan, the rainy misty weather and large temperature difference between morning and evening causes the teas to produce more amino acids and catechins as a way of protecting itself from these conditions, which in turn produces more intense and complex aromas.

This tea reminds us of a mornings rolling out of the tent to some warm oat porridge in a dense forest of conifers. The typical Kanayamidori's milky aroma shines in its gentle creaminess from the first steep, and it carries a umami that reminds us of traditional Finnish oat porridge. It also has pleasant astringency with a taste of young spruce.

Another special part of this tea is its relaxing energy. The first steep already gives Chá Qì (energy) in the body like expanding clouds when a jet plane flys across the sky. Together with its light green cloud-like liquor, it's reminiscent of the view in the Hoshino mountains, overlooking the sea of clouds.

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